Rotoklick MK 200


Quick to use and intuitive, our dividing head Rotoklick MK 200 adds an additional axis to your NC machine. Further areas of use are lathe chuck all-around machining with or without tailstock, rocker clamps with counter support or for application in multiple fixture devices.


  • Cost-efficient multi-side machining
  • Machine-independent
  • High holding torque by way of positive locking mechanism
  • Manual or automatic division using the machine spindle
  • 360-x-1° partition
  • Clamp 2 workpieces simultaneously by using dual flange
  • 5-side machining without counter support
  • Bar machining by way of hollow spindle
  • For horizontal and vertical use
  • Fast retooling by way of flange wedge

Technical data

360 x 1°
Centre height:
200 mm, 250 mm with spacers
Mounting diameter:
Ø = 160 mm
Precision hole:
Ø = 96H6, depth of 10 mm
Rotoklick 200 Ø = 96
Rotoklick 200 dual flange Ø = 86
positive mechanical (automatic)
Indexing accuracy:
10 arc seconds
Holding torque:
2000 Nm
ca. 90 kg
Dual flange


Haff & Schneider Art. No. 71-05250-200 and 71-05250-200 DF (with dual flange)

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Order Rotoklick MK 200 (dual flange) via e-mail

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Products image Rotoklick MK 200

Rotoklick MK 200