Cooperation With The Hoffmann Group®

In recent years, the cooperation between Haff & Schneider and the Hoffmann Group® has developed into a valuable partnership. Through the symbiosis of development and production (Haff & Schneider) and marketing and sales (Hoffmann Group®) some outstanding products have been realized so far. The top performers in the field of clamping devices, GARANT Xpent (2016) and GARANT Xtric (2018), can be mentioned here as examples of success.


The innovative clamping concept GARANT Xpent is ideally suited for true 5-sided machining. The well thought-out and comprehensive top and front jaw system ensures conventional, smooth-surface clamping and raw part clamping by simply combining different jaws. Features such as the unique spindle changing system round off the overall system.


The revolutionary GARANT Xtric centric clamping device is multifunctional and particularly easy to handle. The unique clamping concept with quick jaw change system saves you a lot of time in raw and finished part clamping. At the same time, versatile fastening options allow for flexible handling. With the new Xtric center jaw you can clamp two workpieces at the same time.

GARANT 3D-Probe Analogue

The GARANT 3D-Sensor Analog forms the basis of our successful 3D-Sensor line. Well-tried, analog measuring technology combined with years of experience in a modern housing. A finely subdivided yet easily readable scale enables even high-precision work. A water-protected housing completes this package.

GARANT 3D-Probe Digital

The GARANT 3D-Probe Digital is a further development of the proven analog version. The result is a high-precision, battery-powered measuring instrument which is suitable for probing workpiece edges in milling and eroding machines. An easy-to-read digital display allows the measured values to be read even from difficult angles and at great distances.

Hoffmann Group®

  • Headquarters: Munich
  • Annual turnover of 1.4 Billion Euros
  • World’s largest tool dealer and tool manufacturer
  • Located in 54 countries

"For me, Haff & Schneider is an important partner for the development and manufacture of new innovative products in machining or clamping technology. The implementation of the idea from the prototype to the final product go hand in hand. Partnership is not only a word, but must also be lived, whether owner, management or employees. The cooperation is more than exemplary. Made in Germany an important element for the German economy, here it is lived together."

Michael Hillebrand
Sales Manager, Hoffmann Group®