High-end fixture construction

For completing tasks in mechanical engineering, aircraft construction and car manufacturing, as well as in medical technology, we develop complete packages using efficient manufacturing technology. Based on your workpiece, we closely cooperate with you to design a made-to-measure machining concept.




    • Mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic model in any desired degree of automation
    • 3D CAD constructions using Creo Parametric
    • Clamping device (measuring protocol) using a measuring machine
    • Technical documentation in German or several languages (print-out or digital)

    Our approach

    1. Project planning

      After clarifying the technical details we will draft a customized concept for your workpiece. Upon agreement to  this draft, we will submit a detailed offer.

    2. Design

      We will then proceed with detailed planning. After receiving your final go-ahead, we will start manufacturing the fixture.

    3. Manufacturing

      A greater part of the manufacturing is done in-house at Haff & Schneider; some specific productions steps are carried out by our qualified regional partners.

    4. Assembly

      Our well-trained and experienced mechanics at Haff & Schneider will carry out the entire final assembly. Finally, each fixture will be completely gauged using the most modern measuring machines.

    5. Final inspection

      The final inspection incl. a functional test is carried out on-site together with you at Haff & Schneider.

    6. Service maintenance

      Once brought into operation, our competent service will be available to answer your questions or follow up possible problems at any time.


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